Cthulhu Bust

May 13, 2015 2 min read

Here are some shots of the 3d print master for Cthulhu Bust. He is 12 inches tall, it's hard to judge how big he is because there isn't a scale reference. Let's just say you could club someone to death with it. Yes, it's that big and it's probably going to be pretty heavy too.

Ownage has pulled through again in terms of detail. I can say almost every detail that was sculpted is represented in this 3d print. I can't wait to hold this thing in my hands and take some nice shots of it. I was hoping for the iconic campbell soup can in these pictures but was sad when I did not see it.

I really like how those spiky ridges turned out (there are 2 rows of them right under his eye). Once we have some paint on him, the design will come through better. If you notice his skull, there is curved ridge towards the back, I am really looking forward to check that out in person. It was a design decision that came much later.

Here is another shot. There is some assymetry right at the bottom; writhing tentacles slithering over each other. I intentionally kept the surface detail different in certain areas, tentacles are smoother where else his head and neck exhibit more harsh detail.

The wrinkles on his head were carved in much deeper than I normally would in a digital sculpt. This is allows painters to use washes on this bust. Once the backand base is painted black, the design will evoke a stronger presence with some very nice outlines.

I hope you guys enjoy this short write-up. I definitely plan to do more writing on my blog. Expect this bust to be available in Q3 2015. Sign up for my newsletter to get updated when this bust is available.

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